An underestimated aspect of moving house is packing. We offer a tailored service from part to full pack.

Should you opt for this service, our packing team will arrive, usually on the day prior to your move, to start packing your belongings. We advise customers to put all items, not to be packed, in a safe place in each room so that our team know not to pack these. They will then make up appropriate size cartons for each area to be packed and begin packing, taking care with fragile items by wrapping them in paper or bubble wrap. Once filled, the carton will then be sealed and labelled so they are delivered to the correct room in the new property. The packed cartons will be stacked as to minimise the inconvenience caused until move day.

Part packing works in the same way but may be that we are asked to just pack the delicate, time consuming areas such as the kitchen or display cabinet.

Alternatively, if you decide to do the packing yourselves, we will supply you with a range of boxes and materials in order for you to complete your own packing.

Tips for those packing themselves

  • Leave clothes in drawers
  • Leave hanging garments in wardrobes
  • Don’t overfill boxes
  • Don’t make boxes too heavy

Download our free PDF leaflet “How to pack a box” here