2-3 weeks before you move

  • Contact mobile phone companies, tv licensing, telephone, cable, satellite and internet service providers to notify them of your change of address and the date you are moving.
  • Contact your insurance provider for your life, motor, medical, pet and contents insurance.
  • Notify your bank or building society, notify your credit / store card providers.
  • If you are moving from your local area contact schools, doctors, dentist and opticians then re-register in your new area.
  • Notify your local council in both your current area and the area you are moving to.
  • Notify your electricity, gas and water provider.
  • Start packing / de-cluttering if you are doing this yourself but remember not to make boxes too heavy – if you can’t move them will we be able to? Also label all boxes for their appropriate room.
  • Start using up food from freezer.

1 week before you move

  • Phone council to suspend parking bays, if needed, for removal lorry.
  • Start to dismantle any furniture unless pre-arranged for us to do. Remember to keep all screws and fixings in a safe place.
  • Defrost your freezer.
  • Don’t water plants – can create extra weight and mess on move day.

1 day to go before you move

  • Put all personal / valuable items in a safe place not to be moved by us.
  • Keep aside essentials for the moving day.

Moving Day

  • Make sure the kettle is left out and be prepared to make tea for the removal team as moving is exhausting work.
  • Double check that all items not to be taken by us are put in a safe place – i.e. in your car.
  • Leave all hanging garments in wardrobes so we can put them straight onto our clothes rails.
  • Take final gas, water, electricity readings.

Let home2home moves make this a
smooth and stress free day.